Compass Partners Bridgepoint Deal Closes

HandshakeCompass Partners completes investment in portfolio of assets owned by Bridgepoint to provide liquidity to investors in Bridgepoint Europe III. The total equity commitment is in excess of €360 million with an aggregate enterprise value in excess of €2 billion. FinRobot supported Compass Partners on this transaction by providing financial modelling support.

“FinRobot’s modelling skills complemented the in-house Compass team’s in a complex transaction involving investments in multiple companies,” said Anthony Marraccino, Chief Financial Officer and Partner of Compass Partners. “Andrei Dikouchine, Director of FinRobot, used his significant corporate finance background along with his modelling expertise to validate, refine and enhance upon what had already been developed.”

FinRobot congratulates Compass Partners with successful completion of the deal.


FinRobot Team

Feedback from the London Business School

LBS_logoDear all,

Participants’ feedback from this year’s Advanced Corporate Finance Modelling Course is in. The Course has changed a lot since its launch in 2003. Yet, every year we are very nervous whether our content and teaching methods are still level with modern day finance graduates. To combat our fears we critically review and update content to make sure all examples are relevant to present day participants of Masters in Finance Programme. Likewise, we make extra effort to make sure our modelling cases are not stale and their style evolves with expertise and knowledge we gain from commercial modelling projects.

This year we delivered 3 streams of 30 students each, or a total of 90. This is a very demanding audience not only well versed in the area of corporate finance but also experienced in financial modelling. Prior to taking the Course participants self-assessed their skills in advanced financial modelling at 2.9 out 5.0 maximum.  Therefore, it is very pleasing that average mark for new knowledge and skills gained from taking the Course was 3.9 out of 5.0. Other marks are equally gratifying (1 – lowest, 5- maximum):


Overall, we are very proud that our connection with the London Business School continues as a successful and long lasting story. This ongoing effort also helps us produce a wide range of commercial training content. If you or your organisation is interested in our expertise in delivering high impact modelling training, please enquire via email –


FinRobot Team

PS: Link to lecture notes for anyone interested in having a close look at the Course.

Status Update


Dear all,

As we were absent on our blog for some time now we thought it would be useful to give a brief account of what we were up to for the past six months. The unpredictable chase for new revenues and clients (somewhat) shifted our immediate focus away from online services and back to client facing projects. And, boy, were we busy.

Hence, we thought it would be useful to give our followers some perspective on how FinRobot’s expertise and technology was put to good use in a variety of industries and modelling applications:


  • It felt good to take a telecoms related project as this one of our core expertise we have not practices for years. The project was challenging and exciting on the modelling front too: we were tasked with fusing a long-range forecasting model with very detailed month-to-month budgeting and reporting system for the board and other senior mgmt. Our solution was to wholesale archiving of actual and past budgets alongside the main live model within single Excel file without any switches, toggles or expensive lookups. The new set up allowed both instant reforecasts with each actuals update and variance analysis of new actuals against past performance and earlier budgets
  • Our client has experienced explosive growth in supplying expanding food product ranges to more and more retail chains. A traditional model based on predetermined number of sales SKUs/channels did not work for them due to constantly changing configuration of their sales. FinRobot designed a model with ‘edgeless’ SKUs/channels matrix. Model users drop in data for a new product or a new channel and the model automatically incorporates new data with the rest of the financials schedules and statements
  • Our first experience in this space working with a major UK hospital care provider. A small project quickly evolved into a variety of activities from auditing third party models to designing new tools to assess new products and services. Key challenge for us – apart from absorbing very quickly lots of new terminology – was vast amount of individual cost and revenue items underpinning healthcare operations. Libraries which we had to build for basic processes ran into thousands lines. At times we were pushing Excel to the limit. Our expertise in wholesale data manipulation helped win the day to make sure client got a fully functional dynamic spreadsheet as opposed to a bloated stale database
  • Another forecasting model for a fast growing client in cloud software space. As the client has a multiregional approach to sales the model had to capture multiple dimensions of selling and servicing clients in numerous regions of the world each supported by local and central sales teams and broken down by business customers’ size and type of services provided. The client’s main issue with their own attempt to build a model was considerable time and effort required for each new upsized scenario. FinRobot designed and built a model with reasonable balance of structure and complexity of formulae to allow each update (product or region launch) to be put through in a matter of hours and not days and weeks consumed previously
  • A very neat PFI style model for a new power generation project. As in any project finance model key challenges were to implement a sensible yet flexible CapEx schedule married with complex but yet transparent multiple layers of the project’s funding structure. Given the long life span of infrastructure projects keeping tabs on periodicity of the model was also an important consideration. The model was presented to international lenders and the feedback was exceptionally good
  • Another nice opportunity to practice our knowledge of metals & mining space. Assisted with a new model build in support of client’s due diligence of investment target. Perhaps, least challenging from modelling perspective relative to other recent projects but required in-depth knowledge of key drivers underpinning a mining operation, reviewing and in co-operation with the client’s own team validating assorted titbits of information coming out of geology surveys, feasibility studies and target’s financial and management reports


  • Completed our summer term lecturing cycle of Advanced Financial Modelling Course at the London Business School. Went well as it did for all past years. Will publish a separate update once students’ feedback is collated.

Overall, during the past six months we completed over a dozen projects in a very wide range of industries and commercial setups, all with one common theme – we may not necessarily accommodate larger clients via online offering but our technology is superior nevertheless. Sticking to our modular design and automation building tools we can and we did deliver a superior product at a fraction of a traditional modelling cost.

Note to self – publish more cleansed industry models in our industry catalogue. In the meantime, anyone interested in any of the above is welcomed to send us an email to request further details.

And we have not stopped R&D for our online platform. Watch this space as we will be announcing a new product very-very soon.

Kind regards,

FinRobot Team

Modelling Best Practice? Resolutely Yes!

Spreadsheet Principles Compliant ICAEWWe are pleased to announce that the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) has recognised FinRobot’s Base, TopLine, Case Builder and Manufacturing Models as being compliant with ICAEW’s Twenty Principles for Good Spreadsheet Practice. 

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It’s always a good time to learn

FinRobot offers financial modelling courses

Dear Users and Guests!

We have not blogged for some time… because we were busy. Presenting for your kind attention our new range of modelling training products.

True to our philosophy of never building a model from scratch, our training objective is to transfer our knowhow and techniques of efficiently manipulating existing models and templates. If you learn how to do this, we guarantee you never go back to the old approach! Your productivity will go up tenfold. Yes, you read this right, having skills to turn around an existing model is ten times more efficient than building a new one.

We aim to appeal to a number of potential user groups. We offer a course for professionals wishing to master in-depth aspects of modelling for investment banking and/or private equity. Our offering also includes a short course for non-modellers who wish to take control over modelling processes in their organisations but do not necessarily plan to dedicate their careers exclusively to modelling.

Likewise, we continue with our advanced financial modelling programme at the London Business School as well as offer bespoke training formats for investment banking and private equity firms. Our new training section of the site demonstrates some examples of what we can do on that front.

Hope you like it and we will see you at our next scheduled sessions in October!

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