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Helpful Tips and Add-ons: Pro Forma Funding module


We continue our series of helpful tips and add-ons with Pro Forma Funding module. The Module automates manipulation of capital structure for any forecast balance sheet date. An add-on Sources & Uses summary allows setting assumptions for retiring of any existing financial liabilities with proceeds from new equity or debt issue. If no debt is […]

Week-end Fun with Excel


Our development team at FinRobot takes particular pride in our advanced knowledge of Excel, at least anything financials related, we would be the go to people. But this news really entertained us and is worthy for a repost as week-end humour. Tatsuo Horiuchi, a 73-year old retiree from Japan, told Japanese website PC Online that […]

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Helpful Tips and Add-ons: CapEx Advances Module


  We are pleased to announce that we start publishing a series of helpful tips and add-ons. The first in the series is CapEx Advances Module. You can download it here free (requires registration). Alternatively, there is a new button ‘Add-ons’ at the top right of the user Account page. You can always browse FinRobot […]