Monthly Archives: January 2014

Lots of New Stuff


Dear Users and Guests! FinRobot team was really working hard in January: we just released a new model and a new add-on. The Quick IRR Model allows users to perform back-of-the-envelope IRR calculation for a new project. By entering few parameters on-line you can get Free Report showing funding required, cash flow profile and expected returns for […]

Help us Shape the Future


Holidays or not, bad weather or good weather, FinRobot team has been busy. We published our second model and are working hard to launch few more. With our commitment to quality and detail we can only release one model at a time. Which one should it be? We decided to ask our users. Please participate in […]

New Model released


Dear Guests! We are pleased to announce that FinRobot has released its second model. The Case Builder Model allows users to build, analyse and compare up to five forecast scenarios, or operating cases, for a business or a project. New feature – specific to Case Builder Model -generates consolidated report for all cases at a push […]

Helpful Tips and Add-ons: Revenue Channels module


Our new Revenue Channels Module helps to detail revenue assumptions for the Base Model. For each product line the add-on replaces single volume and single price assumptions with multiple sales channels. For example, wholesale and retail channels may have specific unit sales allocation and pricing. The Modules picks up data from individual revenue channels and […]