Lots of New Stuff

threejetsDear Users and Guests!

FinRobot team was really working hard in January: we just released a new model and a new add-on.

The Quick IRR Model allows users to perform back-of-the-envelope IRR calculation for a new project. By entering few parameters on-line you can get Free Report showing funding required, cash flow profile and expected returns for your new idea. To gain access to more functionality and to run your own investment scenarios off-line you can purchase the underlying Excel Model for a modest fee. We now have three financial models in our catalogue. Come on in and give it a try!

To supplement our Models - no matter how flexible – we started publishing a series of helpful add-ons. The most recent add-on allows replacing of the traditional unit sales assumption with a new schedule of acquiring and retaining customers. We call it Customer Driven Revenue module. Currently, we are offering four add-ons available here free (requires registration).

We hope you like our new stuff. And don’t forget to cast your vote which model you would like us to release next. The poll is on the main page of the site - look for Shape the Future banner!

Thank you and kind regards,

FinRobot Team

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