Helpful Tips and Add-ons: Credit Ratios module

useful_tipsWe are frequently asked if our models are suitable for commercial lending modelling. Resolutely “Yes”. Lenders normally look for clearly presented and sound business cases. And our models are fit for this task. Nevertheless, in response to popular request we are introducing the new Credit Ratios module.

The module captures data from financial statements and calculates several commonly used credit ratios. Although we cannot guarantee your bank would apply absolutely identical modelling framework and credit scoring the ratios suggested in the module are very likely to be at core of any commercial lending analysis.

Model users can expand on the example provided and build their own set of credit ratios with ease. The Model will take care of the rest. You can download the Credit Ratios Module here free (requires registration). Alternatively, you can always browse FinRobot add-ons’ library located in your user Account.

It should not take more than 5 minutes to merge the Module  into the live Model: download an add-on xls file and follow the instructions to import the code into your Base Model. No advance knowledge of Microsoft Excel is required. It is a simple copy-paste operation. Remember to keep a separate copy of your Model prior to changes to revert to if you make a mistake.


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